About Bearded Shirts

Eddie Anderson

Owner, creator

It started with a dream, combining a love for beards and a love for tshirts. over 6 years ago we put out first beard on a shirt, and it took off from there. Each month for the first year we added another beard on a shirt, but we didn’t stop there. 

We started going wild designing shirts, and now over 700 designs, we can’t wait to show you our stuff. 

We are proud to be a LGBT owned and operated company, serving all countries, with diversity at our core. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If there is something is not to your liking, we vow to make it right

Bearded Shirts - Giving the world a beard...one shirt at a time.

Why Choose Us?

Bearded Shirts started with a. Simple desire to put a beard on a shirt. Hi, I am Eddi Anderson, founder and designer of Bearded Shirts. When I wore the first concept beard on a shirt, people would stop me and ask “where did you get that shirt” The excitement that the one shirt produced was enough to launch a whole new line of fun garments. Every shirt is designed and produced with that reaction in mind. What shirt can we make that will make people interact with the wearer? 

Now in our 6th year, we have over 700 designs, branching out with new concepts and designs each week, each still asking that same concept.

Welcome to our new website, this website took 3 years to build and have the features we needed. Countless hours have gone into the new website so you have more control, and options for your fun wearable. Now with each design you can choose the garment, color, size and other option. 

With our state of the art Digital Direct to garment printer, (think of a giant $120,00 jet printer that prints directly on shirts with the same ink and materials of screen print) we can print the shirt exactly the way you want it. You are in control.

Our new website is actually 6 websites in one. You can flip around into the different sites, and order the shirts you want, the way you want them, all within one shopping cart. We are dedicated to your satisfaction of our products. Please let us  know of any problems, we will make it right.

Giving the World a Beard...One shirt at a time.


We do not have a brick and mortar store front but we do do wholesale with a some stores in Palm Springs. Including Interstellar Comics and Rough Trade